Monday, August 10, 2009

Southern tip of P.E.I.- August 8

We have been on the go here a lot,and ,with attending concerts in the evening,there is little time left to write for this blog. But I try because there is so much we are seeing and doing that at I am anxious to share it all with you with you. Yesterday,Saturday,we toured the southern tip of the island. We saw lots of coastline and woodland,also rolling green hills. A bright blue sky with huge fluffy white clouds made for some spectacular scenery. We toured the Cows Creamery. For those of you who have never traveled to Canada,this ice cream is the Ben and Jerrys of Canada. On our tour we learned the process of cheese and ice cream making. That was interesting,and it was helpful that we could have a sample of their products! We also toured the lighthouse at Woods Island. We found out that the lighthouse had been moved in 2007,otherwise it would have toppled into the gulf. The iron in the sand (which gives it the red coloring) makes the sand very friable so the seashore is eroding at a rate of two to three feet a year. The lighthouse had eleven themed rooms so it was helpful to have a tour guide. Our guide was a young island girl who was very informative about the history of the lighthouse. She also discussed the types of fishing done in this area. For herring fishing it is necessary to fish at night as the herring are attracted to light. She said it is quite a sight to come out and watch this as the sea then becomes quite lit up. She also enjoys mackerel gigging,which she encouraged us to try if we have a chance. Something else we enjoyed doing yesterday was stopping at a few local farm produce stands. Blueberries are starting to be picked, also there seems to be a lot of potatoes and string beans for sale. Finally we are able to enjoy the fruits and vegetables of summer! There is only one winery on the island so that was another stop for us. We purchased cranberry wine, a first for us. In case you are wondering John is investigating the lobster traps in that one picture of the harbor at Victoria.

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