Monday, August 24, 2009

Eagle Lake-August 23

On Saturday we also stopped at Acadia Wild Gardens. I will post here a couple of pictures from those gardens. One picture is of the white swamp candle flower,the other is the red cardinal flower. Not many wildflowers were around in that garden. Hard to believe that fall is coming for this area,some leaves are turning color and coming down. Last night,Saturday night,the heavens opened up and it literally poured! However,by the time we were ready to leave for church it was starting to clear. We attended Saint Savior Episcopal.It was confirmation day for the adults so Bishop Lane was there from the diocese of Maine. Consequently there was special music provided by a flutist and choir. It was a very inspirational service,and I discovered that the Episcopal church is not all that different from our faith. After church we checked out the sand bar for which Bar Harbor is named. It connects the city with Bar Island. Unfortunately the tide was in-fairly high waves could be seen crashing around the rocks of the island because of the storm last night. We did return later to view the sand bar after the tide was going out. Our afternoon was spent biking around Eagle Lake at Acadia Park. We took the Carriage Road,a road developed by John D.Rockefeller in 1913 for carriages as a refuge from the horseless carriage(the automobile). So now only walkers,bikers and carriages enjoy this road. It was a challenge for John and I to bike around the lake for part of it was an up hill climb- but the view over the lake with mountains in the background was well worth the effort!

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