Monday, August 17, 2009

Halifax Nova Scotia- August 16

We are parked in Dartmouth Nova Scotia. It is across the harbor from Halifax. We had some difficulty finding this place yesterday. A missed turn proved to be helpful,however. Missing a turn is a bit disturbing when one is driving a 37 foot rig through city streets. John did find a street to turn into. And while he was debating where next to turn the rig around, I saw a Lutheran church. I quickly ran out of the rig to check church times for today. All is well that ends well. We did find the campground and we were able to attend church today. We now know that the Lutheran Church in Canada is connected with the Missouri Synod. The few Lutheran churches in Canada are struggling to survive. The church we attended today had only about twenty worshippers. They also do not have a regular pastor The one serving today had been helping the church for the past two weeks and was now heading back to his home church in Ontario. After church we took the ferry across the harbor to Halifax. I have posted here a picture of the harbor as we were crossing it. We toured the Halifax Citadel- an old fort which was the last of four built to defend the city. Halifax was the principal British naval station in North America. We also walked the older part of Halifax. There are a few older buildings left- I have here a picture of the old courthouse. In our walking tour we were able to walk through the Public Garden of Halifax. It is a rare example of a formal Victorian garden,intact since 1815. The floral abundance in this park was awesome. I have posted here a picture of the bandstand located in the park.

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