Friday, August 14, 2009

Random Thoughts- August 15

The picture I have here is another one taken in the bog on the Cabot Trail. It a photo of white orchids which we saw there. The other picture is just of some wild flowers we found when hiking. Another loose end which I would like to pick up is in regard to Alexander G.Bell. I forgot to mention that he was one of the founders of the National Geographic magazine. Actually it would be difficult to think of anything he did not tinker with or invent. When he heard of something newly invented he usually obtained that object,used it and/or added his own improvements. He did that with the x-ray machine when it came out,trying it out on his farm animals.From what I learned about him,it seemed that he was a true renaissance man! With all of his projects he kept the towns people employed, and he also mentored some men who had engineering degrees. Today we headed for Halifax,Nova Scotia. And it was the first day of summer for me. I wore shorts for the first time all day! Also,John and I had our first McLobster sandwich at McDonalds. It was quite good,made as well as the ones which I have had in the local restaurants. I have not seen many unusually named roads for awhile, but I saw a few recently. On Prince Edward Island I saw Panting Beach Road(I figured it was a code name for Lover’s Lane). Also there I saw Seaweed Road- you can’t get it plainer than that.Maybe there was a Mr.Seaweed.. Today we noticed Short Cut Loop Road- short cut to where,and how can one take a short cut on a country road when all that can be seen is farm fields? We should have gone down that road! Another road which we saw today: Mushaboom. That made me think of the baby boomers,only it happened instead with mushrooms and they had to commemorate the event. And we came through a town today with the name Ecum Secum. That reminded me of the phrase “come si,come sa” . Maybe I am dabbling in foreign languages here and should leave that one alone!

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