Friday, August 28, 2009

Massachusetts- August 28

We had an absolutely delightful drive through Maine today. Drove along routes three and one which took us along the coast of Maine. Again we saw big beautiful New England style homes. I call them houses that seem to have no end. I assume that, because of the cold winters,it is important to have sheds,barns,and garages attached to the main house. And it is not all that unusual to see them connected at odd corner angles to the main house. Also,in the northeast as Canada,the gardens are huge and boast a variety of colorful flowers. I think this also is result of the long winters in which there is no color at all- I am sure people here want to make the most of the short summer. I was also fascinated today at the interesting way most business places creatively used the name of their state. We saw a candy place called the "Maine Gathering",a used car lot was called "Mainely Used Cars", and a pottery shop was"Mainely Pottery". The pottery shop claimed to have only the work of Maine artists. I will not be writing on this site for a couple of days because we will be taking our little Honda Fit to visit our niece in Enfield,New Hampshire. We will be leaving the computer and the cat behind with our home here in Salisbury Mass.

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