Monday, August 31, 2009

Derry New Hampshire-August 31

On our way to Enfield Saturday we made a stop at Derry,the home of Robert Frost. Remember in the last posting I commented about New England homes seeming to have no end? The Frost home was such a place,and I have a picture of it here. Connected to the house is a woodshed and a barn. The barn has a lower level,where once the animals were kept. Frost and his family lived in this place for nine years and during this time wrote about 40 of his poems. Four of his six children were born here. We enjoyed our tour of this home very much,and that was probably due to the fact that our tour guide was very knowledgeable about Frost. It also helped that Lesley Frost,daughter of the Frosts,had returned to this home 1964-1975 and restored the home to the way she remembered it. Carpets and wallpaper were duplicated as she remembered them. She also brought in many Frost's family treasures as her mom's china and the blessing cup made by her grandfather for the family. The current manager of this historic house was also interesting to know. He said that he accepted this job because it allowed him to write his poetry and play his guitar! He also informed us that this morning,during Senator Kennedy's funeral mass,one of Kennedy's sons had misquoted Frost. I wished the weather had been better for us to walk the trails around the Frost home(hurricane Danny was creating heavy rain and a fierce wind). It was in his strolls around this area that Frost had written such poems as "Good fences make good neighbors" and "The road not taken". A children's garden is located outside the home to show Frost's love for botany and his desire that his children learn that science. The other picture here is of the longest covered bridge in the United States,located in Windsor Vermont.

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