Monday, August 10, 2009

Preserve Gardens- August 9

I think this posting will be the last for Prince Edward Island. We will be leaving the island Tuesday. I want to mention a couple other things which we did Sunday. We ended our touring with a stop at the Prince Edward Island Preserve company. This company is famous for the preserves which they make, a 12 acre botanical garden, and restaurant. The garden had paths which overlook the Clyde River, they also wound through flower beds and woodland. The owners do not charge admission fees to this garden, but rather request that donations be given toward a hospice building which they hope to build on the grounds. We dined at the restaurant for supper-both of us had lobster quiche which was quite delicious. That evening we attended our final concert of island music. We saw the Sky family whose performance was entitled “Fiery Faith And Fiddles”. They mostly did Celtic dance as well as one Russian Cossack dance. The family was very talented and several of them played more than one instrument. One of the men switched between playing a fiddle and sax in one song. They also played a couple of religious praise songs which were quite beautiful to hear. I think for the pictures which I want to post here I will just have the theme of flowers. One of them (it has a wooden post in the foreground) was taken at the Preserve Gardens. The other two were taken at a L.M.Montgomery heritage site. Maybe in my next posting I will have more pictures taken from around the island. I still have many more to show!

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