Monday, August 3, 2009

New Brunswick,Canada- August 3

We had another beautiful drive here along the seacoast. We have left Quebec and now are seeing more English signs in the larger towns of New Brunswick. And we are seeing license plates here in the campground only from New Brunswick. Makes me wonder how much the people from the province of Quebec travel into other areas of Canada. One Canadian told us that 40% of them would prefer to secede from Canada-opting to keep their French language and culture. We just realized that we are on Atlantic time,so we are now an hour later than earlier today. Our campground is across the road from the ocean. Between the road and where we are now is a tidal basin estuary. It has a combination of fresh water and sea water-we walked along that area at sunset and saw lots of shore birds. As usual,we were not prepared and lack binoculars! Just maybe I will return there tomorrow before we leave. I have more pictures here of the gannets and Bonaventure Island.

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