Monday, August 17, 2009

Halifax Nova Scotia,Day 2- August 17

I have one more picture from yesterday. It is of several wharf musicians. Yesterday was a buskers festival, so we heard a fair amount of music while walking around. Nova Scotia(the name of this province means New Scotland) is very Scottish ,so we heard the bagpipes played a couple of times. And it was not a bad sound when played with drums! Our first stop today was St.Paul’s Church. It is the oldest Protestant church in Canada,founded by proclamation of King George II in 1749. It was quite beautiful inside. It had 22 stained glass windows depicting Jesus’life,death and ministry. Also,most unusual,in the chancel are wooden plaques on which are inscribed the Lord’s Prayer,the Ten Commandments,and the Apostle’s Creed. They date from a time when few could afford the Common Book of Prayers. We went from there back to the harbor to take a sail boat ride. And that is a picture of John hoisting the sails. Our afternoon was spent touring a brewery, Alexander Keiths. This brewery dates back to the early 1800s,so it was interesting just touring the old building. On the tour we were treated to some tavern songs and games dating back to that time period. It was an unusual brewery tour. The ale was quite good.

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