Saturday, August 22, 2009

Bar Harbor Maine- August 21

Once we got out of Canada and into Maine today,we had some pretty rough roads to go over. Fog plagued us also a lot. We drove on highway state route one along the coast of Maine. It seemed to be a scenic drive and it had signs pointing to scenic overlooks, but the fog prevented us from seeing anything. I have a few pictures yet from Canada. One is of John standing next to a miner. I also want to tell you something interesting about our tour guide at the mine. He said that his grandfather worked in the mine and had a bad accident which mangled one side of his body. He recovered,however, and continued to work in the mine. Fortunately they gave him lighter work. At the time of the big mine collapse in 1958 he was in the mine but was able to get out quickly as his job placed him near the entrance. Our guide said that after that incident his mom would not let him near the mine, not even when his school had class trips there! It is interesting that he is now working there as a tour guide. Another picture which I have posted here is of migratory birds bulking up before their trip to the northern tip of South America. We were told that it takes them only two days of straight flying to get there. Most of the birds have already left, so we were surprised to see a few still around. The ones we saw were mainly sandpipers, plovers, and dowitchers. Hope you can make them out in the seashore picture here. And this is for the “old man” Mike. Yes,God has given us a wonderful world to enjoy. I often think of what my mother use to say when she saw a pretty flower:"who can say there is no God?" Canada claims that 20% of its land is undeveloped. We saw a lot of wilderness in our travels there, and it looked like more than 20%! What a beautiful country!

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  1. What's this "old man" Mike all about? Sounds like you guys are seeing some pretty amazing places.