Sunday, August 23, 2009

Acadia National Park-August 22

Today had bursts of sunshine and clouds. Hurricane Bill was coming into this area. Turned out that event was beneficial for us. We had taken the loop road around the park and made a stop at Thunder Hole. It is a narrow channel of rocks along the ocean shore through which the waves splash up. Today the hurricane had made the waves higher and more forceful when coming through this channel. We were able to hear the famous "boom",which gives this place the name of Thunder Hole(not always heard when the ocean is calm). We realized,after standing there awhile,that the sound would occur before we saw the huge wave splashing through the rocks. Lots of people were gathered with us. It was like the Fourth of July when fireworks go off- people shouted and clapped their hands every time when the boom and splash of waves happened. Children tried to get a close as possible so they could get hit with the resulting mist. We then took a mountain path to view Bubble Rock. It is a huge rock balancing on the side of a mountain cliff. It reminded us of Elephant Rocks in Missouri. We were not sure about driving to the highest point on the east coast,Cadillac Mountain. We were afraid that the low-lying clouds would limit what we could see up there. On first arriving at the top we could not see too far off into the distance. But again that day we lucked out,and soon a burst of sunshine came through the clouds! After everything we had seen in Canada we thought we would be disappointed with Acadia Park. Our fears were unfounded,it has its own particular beauty,even with the threat of stormy weather! I have posted here a picture of Thunder Hole,Bubble Rock,and a view of Bar Harbor from the top of Cadillac Mountain.

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