Thursday, August 6, 2009

Prince Edward Island- August 6

We crossed over a nine mile bridge to enter Prince Edward Island. The first sign we see says:“the gentle island welcomes you”. Our hopes were raised. We had a hard day crossing over many rough roads. I have here a picture of our cat snoozing contentedly even though totally surrounded by many objects that had come flying down around him in the course of this very unsettling day. And we were deceived by that sign- Prince Edward also has many bumpy roads,frequently we have seen the sign “broken pavement”. And I should not start out on such a negative note because our experience here has been a good one so far. As we were setting up here Tuesday evening the owner of this campground came up to John and offered free tickets to the musical “Anne and Gilbert" showing that evening. Without hesitating John took them. We had only an hour and half to get there and had not eaten supper yet. We made it to the show on time and were treated to a delightful evening of song and dance. The story was that of Anne of Green Gables,covering that period of her life when she was teaching and attending college. Yesterday,Wednesday,we toured L.M.Montgomery heritage sites(for those of you who are not familiar with her,she was the author of the Anne of Green Gables” story series and many other writings,a very prolific author of whom Canada is very proud). I will not post a picture of the house which Montgomery wrote of in her Anne series but rather a picture of the yard and woods which she also so dearly loved and spoke of in her writings. We ended the day attending a concert by the Ross Family. John talked to John Ross during intermission. Mr.Ross,when he heard that we were from Missouri, wondered if they were good enough for Branson. John reassured him that they were more than good enough. The Ross family mostly played ceilidh music. John played the keyboard,one sister played a fiddle, another sister a guitar and a brother was on the drums. They could also stepdance quite well and were very versatile in their musical offerings. The younger sister did an older Bruce Springsteen folk song,they also did some rag and jazz- ending with the”Orange Blossom Special”. It was typical island music of which there is a lot of around here,especially during the summer months. It was very enjoyable toe-tapping,hand clapping music.

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