Friday, August 7, 2009

Evangeline Area of Prince Edward Island-August 7

Yesterday we toured the western coast of Prince Edward Island. Here we again found the brightly painted homes with odd angles and additions as we found in Quebec. Interestingly enough,we also found a Catholic church with its historic signs all in French. And we thought we were pretty much in an English speaking province! Our first stop of the day was the Bottle Houses. In 1979 Edouard Arsenault started collecting bottles and then began construction of three houses. One of them is a chapel(note the cross made of beer bottles which I have posted here,located in that chapel). It was said of Edouard that he had a sense of humor! The three charming buildings(there is one that is a bar) are located in a lovely garden setting by the sea. Note the picture of one with a lighthouse in the background. From there we drove along the coast and could see the red sandy bluffs of the seashore. It was a bright sunny day and the water had the color of a vibrant sparkling blue which stood out quite dramatically against the red sand. I will post that here. I just noticed that in that seashore picture windmills can be seen. The windmills belong to Wind Energy Institute of Canada.. We also saw many fields of potatoes,which is one of the major crops of this island. John remarked to me that he did not think the scenery of this island was all that outstanding. I disagree,and here I want to quote the author M.Mongomery : “the beauty of the island is due to the vivid color contrasts-the rich red of the winding roads,the brilliant emeralds of the uplands and meadows,and the encircling sea”. We also saw a lot of forest land in our tour of this part of the island,which I thought also made it very picturesque. Mrs. Montgomery loved this island deeply,and when her travels required her to leave the island she made it a point to return as soon as possible.

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