Sunday, August 2, 2009

Bonaventure Island Canada- August 2

We drove into the town of Perce today to board a boat bound for Bonaventure Island. On the way there we were able to view Perce Rock,pictured here. It is a limestone rock 1545 feet long and 288 feet high,with a hole pierced in it. It was formed 375 million years ago on the bottom of the ocean bed. Bet you can find that picture in this posting. Also on our little voyage we were able to see the gannet birds circling and roosting on Bonaventure Island. Once we arrived on the island it was necessary to take a 45 minute hike to get a closer view of the birds. It is estimated that there are roughly 110,000 of these birds in that one colony- the largest flock of them in the world is located here. What a sight to see! We saw gannets taking off and returning,fussing over territorial rights,and mama gannets feeding their little ones. When baby gannet wants to feed he taps on his mama's beak and when she opens her mouth he pokes his beak in and causes her to regurgitate digested fish into his mouth. Looked just yummy! The one baby I saw doing this got nothing out of his mom's mouth. It just was not feeding time! Gannets are pretty birds,especially with those clear blue eyes and yellow necks. We also saw herring gulls today and many cormorants. We are now a bit worn out,but have had two spectacular days in this part of Canada-even the weather has cooperated. I think this part of Canada is a well kept secret-especially from Americans. Yesterday we saw our first license plate from the states in over two weeks. In the campgrounds the majority of people are either from the province of Quebec or Ontario. They have been very friendly and kind,but all we can say to each other is "bonjour".

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