Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Somes Sound Fjord-August 25

We had been here several days before we decided to take a hike around the campground. We had forgotten that this place had advertised that they had an ocean view here,so we were pleasantly surprised to find that view at the end of the road we are parked on. We also discovered that there is low bush wild blueberries all over the campground,free for the picking. I ran into a man this morning,while I was walking, who had a bowl full of them. He said he was picking them for the pancakes he was making. After that I found it difficult to continue my walk,as I constantly stopped to pick the berries. So much for my power walk! This afternoon we drove along the shore of Somes Sound to look at the fjord. It is the only fjord on the east coast. A fjord is a long and narrow valley carved by glaciers and flooded by the sea. They are located between two mountains. The picture with the two hills was taken in this area. After seeing that, we drove to the town of Northeast Harbor. The other pictures are of the harbor and beach there. As we found in Bar Harbor,the homes in this area are huge and gorgeous,with colorful gardens. I an sure a few of them are quite old,however still well maintained. I forgot one other thing that was interesting today. One the beach I ran into a young boy who was holding what looked like a colorful rock in his hand. It was a sea cucumber. The boy had been swimming and caught it with a net. It was alive and just beautiful. He did return it to the sea.

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