Saturday, August 8, 2009

Concerts on Prince Edward Island August 8

The picture of windmills did not come up as well as I expected in the posting yesterday so will post another here. Last PM we attended a concert at St.Mary’s church in Indian River. This church is a century old and to get it restored the church started a summer concert series fourteen years ago. Money raised from the concerts is used to pay for the restoration of the church. The church is all made of wood and shaped like a violin. What better place can you find to hear music? Last evening we heard two of Canada’s finest operatic singers,soprano Wendy Nielsen and tenor Robert Kortgaard,sing Broadway hit songs. It was a very enjoyable evening. In our campground here we have a music place called “Harmony Hall”. A local group who call themselves the Jericho Band(composed mainly of the campground staff and anyone else who wants to participate)perform here on the week-ends. We have been to a couple of those concerts and have also enjoyed them. I have posted a picture of them here. Now to move on from the sublime to the mundane. When John and I toured in the states often we could not find recycling for just aluminum cans. Here on the island there are four cans everywhere for different kinds of trash,all labeled quite clearly- even one for compost material! America could take a lesson from that. Now back to the sublime. I will post here a picture of some wildflowers called musk mallow. We have been seeing a lot of this flower by the roadsides.

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