Thursday, August 20, 2009

Hopewell Rocks-August 20

John avers that since he has now seen the Hopewell Rocks his bucket list is completed. It is hard to believe that one month in Canada has completed all of his wishes. Looks like he needs to fill that bucket up again! The location of the Hopewell Rocks,in Fundy Bay,is where some of the bay's highest tides occur. We did not make the tidal bore,but was there a couple hours after,and then returned when the tide was out(several hours later). It is fascinating to walk on the ocean floor once the tide is out. And it can get quite muddy if one does not traverse on the rocks. I saw both young and old having a wonderful time sloshing through the mud! Shore birds,as terns,sandpipers and gulls were feeding in this area- what a yummy meal for them when the tide is out! Many periwinkle snails were also seen sliding through the mud. And there was one young eagle sitting on top of a tree on one of the rocks taking it all in. Ever so often he would swoop down into the ocean to catch a fish. We have a picture of him sitting on his lofty perch. The Hopewell Rocks(I have a picture of them here when they were surrounded by water and then later when the tide was out)are shaped like flower pots and over millions of years have been carved by melting glaciers,and then sculpted by the highest tides in the world. They are composed of sandstone and conglomerate rock. The sandstone is friable and constantly breaking off,but the conglomerate rock will be around for thousands of years yet. The rocks get cracked by the acid rain in the soil,and the roots of the trees. Also ice and snow;freezing and thawing affect the rocks. It was awesome to walk around them and see them up close. Also fascinating to see was the different kinds of seaweed draped over the smaller rocks. I have learned that seaweed is harvested and used in foods,cosmetics,and fertilizers. Tomorrow we are headed out of Canada. It has been a beautiful place to visit for us.

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