Saturday, October 31, 2009

Abilene State Park-Texas

Its Halloween,so will post an appropriate picture,one I took of a yard in Branson. Yesterday we left Oklahoma City. The day before that city had a record breaking rainfall. John and I seem to be keeping up our record of being rainmakers. At the last rest stop in Oklahoma I saw prairie dogs. They have another name,cynomys,in Greek that means dog mouse. They made a lot of noise when I approached their colony,it sounded like many high pitched yips. They then ran into their burrows, just leaving their tails hanging out. Those tails were waving back and forth madly-must have been some kind of a warning system. Driving down here over the plains of Oklahoma and Texas we had a panoramic view of a lot of nothing. No,the flat landscape was dotted with either oil wells or cattle. And in between those sights were sagebrush and mesquite trees. Coming into Texas we did see fields of cotton. The soil is very red,as you may notice in the picture I took today at Abilene State Park. Abilene does have some high hills around it. There is one area in the park called Buffalo Gap,and a part of Abilene Lake is called Buffalo Waller. Buffalo did roam this area at one time,before man decided to remove the prairie grass and plant trees. We did have many sightings of deer in our hike through the park.

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