Friday, October 2, 2009

St.Louis- October 2

We arrived in St.Louis Wednesday evening. As this is our home base,our time here will be spent with doctor's appointments and visiting friends and family. Also both our little Fit and motor home need to go into the shop for some repairs. We are now dealing with some rather cool weather,and may yet have to break down and get out some winter clothes! KC our cat surprised us today. I have been feeling very sorry for him lately because it seems he is getting so old and frail. Brushing him is not very pleasant as I can feel his bones under the brush. But after I had brushed him today he jumped from my lap to the kitchen counter-a distance of at least two feet! And I thought he had arthritis.I think cats have more than nine lives! The pictures I have posted here are humorous signs which we have seen in our travels. One we found in front of the old willow oak at Shirley Plantation,the other is located at Chimney Rock State Park,on a terrace above the parking lot.

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