Sunday, October 25, 2009

Branson Shows- October 25

The first show we saw yesterday was the Twelve Irish Tenors. We soon discovered that there are more than twelve tenors-some of them do the touring and others stay here in town to perform. Some are from Ireland and have the delightful Irish accent,but a fair number of the men are from the states. They sang a variety of songs from opera to pop. One of the young men we could envision as a future Pavarotti. When we talk to him after the show Jonathan did say his focus of interest is opera. I have posted a picture of the Tenors here. In the evening we saw the Shanghai Circus. Before the show,on a wide screen television, we were treated to a tour of the city of Shanghai. China was touted as a very modernistic,global up and coming country. The performance was awesome,especially the contortionists and acrobats. With out a doubt,one had to be young and physically flexible to accomplish those feats. In the afternoon John and I toured the countryside of Branson-we just could not ignore the warm sunny day! Unfortunately many of the wonderful Ozark mountains vistas which we remembered seeing in the past are now blocked by high rise resorts,condominiums,and show palaces. That is the price of progress.

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