Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Oklahoma City National Memorial Museum-Oct.27

We arrived here in Oklahoma City last evening. We thought that only a small portion of our day today would be at the memorial,not realizing that the museum associated with it is quite comprehensive in its scope of the events which happened on April 19,1995. It also covers the days,weeks and years following the bombing of the Alfred P.Murrah Federal Building- how the lives of the survivors and the victim's families where impacted by the bombing forever. I found it all quite sobering,and frightening to think that it all happened again in New York City in 2001. There is an exhibit in the museum on the basics of terrorism as it has impacted America from 1985 through 2001. As sad as I felt it to be,I found the museum to be quite excellent in how it covered very detail imaginable related to the bombing. It even explained how the bombers of the building were found and tried-one has since been executed and the other is serving a life sentence. The pictures which I have posted are of the reflecting pool and in the background are chairs representative of each one of the 168 victims,smaller chairs are for the 19 children killed. An old elm tree,located near the Murrah building survived,and an orchard of trees were planted leading up to it. They are representative of the rescuers rushing to the survivors-a redbud tree(state tree of Oklahoma)is located nearest to the "survivor tree". The elm is the tallest tree located in the background of the picture posted here. I have also here a picture of the statue of Christ which was placed at the site of the Catholic rectory(destroyed by the bombing). The title of that statue is "Jesus Wept".

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