Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Tiemann Shut-Ins- October 14

John felt that I did not post the best pictures of the shut-ins at Millstream Gardens,so I have located the ones which probably are better representative of the area. We are quite uncomfortable right now because of some very cold weather here in St.Charles. Day time temperatures are usually in the high forty degree range. It is a bit unusual for this time of the year here in Missouri. Cloudy and sometimes wet weather also has not make it any better! We have had to extend our time here because our dental office messed up our appointments and we had to reschedule. Our plans are now to leave here the 22nd of October. A positive note to this whole snafu is that we get to see more of family and friends! We are looking forward to this week-end which so far promises to be sunny and warm.

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