Sunday, October 25, 2009

College of the Ozarks- October 26

Yesterday,Sunday,we attended the Williams Memorial Chapel on this campus. I have posted here a picture of the entrance to the campus-the sign on a pole there reads:"hard work university". That is because the students work for their tuition while learning particular skills. On the campus there is a lodge and restaurant,as well as a farm,gardens and a mill. In that same picture you may note the steeple of a church in the background. It was a joy to worship there and to almost totally be surrounded by young people. The college,which is Presbyterian,seems to have a big emphasis on the religious life of its students. For the service a senior played the organ and the chapel choir sang an anthem. All money collected in the worship services are used to make it possible for the students to do service projects around the world. The campus is very scenic as it has views overlooking the Ozark hills and Lake Taneycomo. We attended a Yakov Smirnoff show in the afternoon. He has a good comedy routine,yet in the course of the show he touched on a couple serious subjects. Two years ago he received his masters in psychology so there seemed to be a lot of wisdom in his discussion on the importance of love and laughter in relationships. The other serious topic he spoke on was on the value of caring for each other. When he and his parents arrived here thirty years ago as Russian immigrants they were given assistance with housing and food from many kind neighbors,and that was something which he has never forgotten. Smirnoff is also a talented artist,has acted in several movies and was a speech writer for President Reagan. Quite a gifted person.

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