Saturday, October 24, 2009

First Day in Branson- October 24

We got a little sprinkling of rain yesterday,but mainly the weather was cloudy and cool. John and I have been to Branson several times in the past,so this time we decided to skip Silver Dollar City and concentrate more on seeing the shows. Already on Thursday we had a chance to take in country,western and bluegrass music here in the activity building of the campground. The Countrymen played for that concert. Yesterday morning we made the rounds of several music halls in Branson to purchase tickets. When John went in to purchase tickets for the Shoji Tabuchi show,he was encouraged to check out the men's bathroom. He did as directed and found the bathroom to be quite opulent,complete with a fireplace and pool table. That afternoon,when we came to the concert,I was more excited about seeing the women's bathroom than the show! I will post several pictures of that room here. It was very beautiful,to say the least. After I used the facilities there was a lady waiting to squirt hand lotion in my hands and to present me with a chocolate mint. All a new experience for me! Tabuchi did have a great show. I always wondered how such a fine violin player could end up in Branson. But Tabuchi came from Japan to Nashville,heard the Smokey Mountain Boys,and decided that the country western music was what he liked. For the show he did a wide variety of music,besides country western;as Broadway hits,classical and rock. He also did a bit of singing.There were quite a number of talented singers and dancers who performed with him,and I had to give them credit for even doing some Polynesian singing and dancing. Those numbers made me feel like I was back in Hawaii! In the evening we saw the Presley Show. This family claims they were one of the first music shows on the Branson strip. It is amazing that they have been going strong with their music and comedy routine for forty years. Most of the family is still performing today.

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