Monday, October 12, 2009

Farmington Missouri- October 12

Thought I would let our readers know what we have been up to while sitting here in St.Charles. We spent the past week-end in Farmington-to visit John's sister Carolyn and brother-in-law Jim. Jim is the organist at St.Paul's Lutheran church,and it was great hearing him play again at the service there yesterday. Our drive to Farmington on Thursday was very enjoyable what with the colors of fall starting to appear on the trees. We took highway twenty-one which winds around a fairly hilly country-side. We felt bad missing the colors of autumn out east,but this drive south of St.Louis somewhat made up for that. By the way,the St.Francois Mountains are located around Farmington,and are the beginnings of the Ozark Mountains. Actually,they are just big hills,but I have always enjoyed going to Farmington because of the scenery which surrounds the town. I have a picture of some of those hills posted here. Last May when we visited in this area there was a bad storm with strong winds which mostly did damage around the Fredericktown area. We took a drive around that area Friday afternoon. I was surprised to see the large numbers of trees felled by that storm-I have a picture of that here. In Fredericktown we saw several buildings which had been damaged by that storm also.

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