Friday, October 23, 2009

Branson Missouri- October 23

Yikes-I thought that going south would give us warmer weather. It is now 41 degrees here in Branson. Well,after getting to the freezing point tonight,we may get up to the low 60s tomorrow. We had a wet drive down here yesterday. And yet the fall colors along highway 44 from St.Louis were absolutely stunning-bright yellow and orange leaved trees dotted the rolling hillsides. We had a surprise at a rest area coming down here. The picnic shelters had advertising on them- note the pictures here. Signs of the times,I guess. Actually, once I mulled over this travesty on our green space,I thought it was a rather innovative idea. If that approach keeps our rest areas open, then it is not a bad idea at all. At lunchtime the rest area we were going to take was closed because of construction. That necessitated us to stop on the side of the highway for lunch. It is a bit disconcerting to eat our lunch with huge semis whizzing past us and rocking our rig! But with our large vehicle we can't just pull off an exit and stop at a local burger joint. We had another surprise once we pulled into our campground. Turkey Creek,which is located in the back of this area,is flooded. I posted a picture of that creek here. Fortunately we are parked on high ground. And despite everything,I will always love this area. The Ozark Mountains have always been a place of peace and beauty for me- and even more so now when they are dressed in the colors of autumn!

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