Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Oklahoma City- October 28

After we had seen the memorial site yesterday we walked toward the Myriad Botanical Gardens. I have posted here a picture of its Crystal Bridge Tropical Conservatory. The gardens are quite beautiful;the beauty of the summer is gone,but autumn is making a splash here with her bright colors of yellows and reds. We had a strange experience in the city when we were looking for a place to buy lunch.First of all,the streets seemed fairly devoid of people,and secondly there were no fast food buildings. When I asked a person where to find food he mentioned one cafe in the Bank of America building,and added that there were spots down below. I did not pursue that last remark,but later a strange statue of a big bug on the sidewalk caught my eye-its wire antennae stretched out into the building next to it and down a set of stairs. A sign explaining the organism said that the purpose of its existence was to pique an interest in the underground. It was getting dark,but John and I decided that we could at least walk one more mile out of our way. We did find out that there is a series of tunnels and skywalks in the city which connect stores,hotels and restaurants. Two other pictures I have here are along the canal walk in Bricktown. One is only a small portion of a series of statues depicting the Oklahoma Land Run,and the other is entitled "Dancing Fountains".

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