Monday, November 2, 2009

Abilene Crop Walk- November 2

Yesterday we attended Grace Lutheran church here in Abilene. That is where we heard there was a Crop Walk for hunger in Abilene that afternoon. John and I had helped with Crop Walks in St.Louis so that sounded like a fun thing to do for the afternoon. It turned out to be a perfect day for the walk,quite sunny and warm. I enjoyed walking it with the pastor's wife of Grace,Cindy Dirks. Grace church has taken on two immigrant families from Africa. Cindy had some interesting stories to share with me in that regard. The immigrant families had spent years in refugee camps and had little knowledge of how to live in a regular home. One of the men came to Cindy the other day and told her the "kitchen not working". He had no knowledge of how to work a stove. Hearing her stories reminded me again how important the Crop Walk is for third world countries. Money raised today by one church made it possible that one well for water could be dug in a country where clean water for drinking is unavailable. We are moving on today to Pecos Texas. I will post here a couple more pictures from Abilene State Park.

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