Wednesday, November 25, 2009

Palm Springs California- November 25

We left Phoenix yesterday. Before we left I had to snap a picture of a bougainvilea bush,and a citrus tree-both of which were frequent sights when driving around the city. I was not going to say anything about the names of the streets in the Phoenix area until I saw one that made me laugh. It was Sore Finger Road-now how could anyone thing of that unless he/she had just hit their finger with a hammer? Equally goofy: Rocking Chair Road and Coffee Pot Road. As we were driving to Camp Verde a couple of days ago there were such cheerful road names as Carefree Highway,Anthem Road,Happy Valley,and Joy Ranch Road. On that same route we also saw such downers as Bloody Basin,and Horse Thief Basin. We never did check out Mirage or Surprise Roads-we wondered what could be found on those roads.. Anyway,we had a nice sunny drive out here yesterday,saw a lot of desert coming out of Phoenix on Interstate 10. Lots of mountain ranges in the distance. Mountains and hills came closer to the highway as we came into California,they were the Chuckwalla and Santa Rosa Mountains.

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