Monday, November 16, 2009

KC the Traveling Cat- November 16

We moved today from Tucson Arizona to Phoenix. It is beautiful here- palm trees,lots of blooming shrubs and citrus trees with ripening fruit on them. I just realized also that our cat has made it this far west. A veterinarian in Florida last spring said she would cure him so he could make it out west with us. He is doing well and just as sweet as ever. This morning while I was getting dressed he sat next to me on the bed and started licking my shoulders,purring quite loudly. Of course I do realize that one thing was on his mind and that was that he was going to get food soon! Speaking of his food,I am having a devil of a time getting his medicine down him. I put it in his wet food. For a long time he took it down well in any cheap cat food I would put it in,as long as it was fish. Then he started refusing it. I switched to Fancy Feast cat food. He refused the tuna variety so I switched to the salmon. That worked for awhile,then he refused that until I opened a fresh can every couple of days. Then he refused the salmon. All along I had been adding a little warm water to the mix- he has to have some water because of the fiber which I add to it. Then I realized that warm water may make the medicine taste come out in the food. Cold water did not help- as a last resort I tried Chicken of the Sea tuna. For now that is working,if it ever stops working I am out of ideas. I absolutely refuse to hold him down and shove it into his throat! Any ideas out there?

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  1. You may want to try pill pockets. They are a soft treat with a hole in the middle where you can put the pill and close the treat around it. My Rascal cat figured it out and started to eat the treat and leave the pill on the floor. I guess I should have crushed the pill into the pocket instead of leaving it whole. Best of luck, as I know cats and pills are a tough combo.