Monday, November 9, 2009

Franklin Mountains State Park-November 9

To describe this park it perhaps is best for me to quote from the park's brochure. This park is"the largest urban wilderness state park in the US,encompassing an entire mountain range of the Chihuahuan desert.The park extends north some 15 miles from the heart of the city of El Paso to the Texas-New Mexico state line". And the view from the top is not only of El Paso,but also of the city of Juarez Mexico. We took a tram to the top,then took the mile and a half summit trail. It was quite treacherous and,as it was early afternoon,quite warm. We would have to take the same trail back to ride the tram down,so instead we chose to walk down the other side of the mountain which was shaded. That also was challenging-I was thankful John found me a walking stick or else I would have had to slide down the path on my backside! I came close to twisting my ankle a few times and John took a few short slides. I was afraid most of all of landing in the patches of cactus plants. Fortunately no snakes showed up,and it was good that our only sighting of a tarantula was on a lower level! One picture I have posted here I took when we had our first sighting of the parking lot and our car. That view thrilled us,even though we still had a distance to go. Total time on the mountain was three hours,and we would say that the hike was our roughest one so far!

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