Thursday, November 5, 2009

Pecos Zoo- November 5

This zoo is located within walking distance of where we are parked here in Pecos. And it is sadder than the town. It has a large fairly new city park and playground next to it,and the entrance to the zoo is marked with a bright red sign; but that is all that is fresh and welcoming about this zoo. Many of the animal pens are empty,but there are still a few animals around,some of them are even exotic as the capuchin monkey and the wallaby. Sadly enough,they are in pens by themselves. The one lone deer is in a pen too small for him to run around in. Fortunately the pens are clean and the animals look like they are being fed. The two buffalo were interesting characters. One of them charged at John- fortunately there were two fences between them,so the buffalo put on his brakes at the fence and strolled nonchalantly away. The other buffalo wanted to lick John”s hands(see the picture which I have posted here). I have never seen a friendly buffalo before! Up to this point there had not been a single person other than us around,but someone from the city did stop by to lock the place up at closing time. It was a depressing zoo,as I saw it. Today we are moving on to El Paso.

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