Wednesday, November 25, 2009

First Thanksgiving- November 26

We want to wish a blessed Thanksgiving to all our family and friends.Our oldest son Mike will be joining us today,driving in from Los Angeles. After services in town,we will then have our Thanksgiving feast here in the rv/mobile park. The park manager will be cooking up the meal in the recreation hall for the residents. I made a pie for that. What about the first Thanksgiving? One thing John and I have learned while traveling around is that the United States history which we were taught growing up had a lot of fallacies in its facts. I had always thought that it was a nice story about the first Thanksgiving at Plymouth in 1621 when supposedly the Indian and English settlers sat down to a meal together. Then I found out that maybe things were not so peaceful between the two groups,and the dinner I had thought they sat down to did not have the same foods available to us today. Berkely plantation on the James river boasts that they have the first Thanksgiving site. On December 4,1619 English settlers landed in that area and immediately Captain John Woodleaf led them in a prayer of Thanksgiving. As to whether a big feast went with that first Thanksgiving,I don't know. On April 30,1598 Don Juan de Onate ordered the friars who were traveling with him to say a Mass of Thanksgiving,after which he claimed the land for the King of Spain. Later they feasted on duck,geese and fish. This was in the area of what is now San Elizario Texas. We may yet find another part of the states which lays claim to the first Thanksgiving,I don't think we have all the facts yet. The picture here was taken in the Desert Botanical Garden,there are aloe plants in the foreground.

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