Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Lone Star of Texas- November 10

We have moved from El Paso today to Benson Arizona,but I do have a few items to share yet from Texas. John and I noticed,when driving around the city at night, that there was a huge brightly lit star on the Franklin Mountains. We thought that perhaps that was an early Christmas decoration. In reading the El Paso Times,however, we discovered that the star is kept lit by the citizens of the city. For fifty dollars one can have it lit in memory of someone,for someone's birthday, to honor a company or organization-or for whatever reason one wishes,and it is then posted in the Times. Not a bad idea! I have posted here plants which we saw yesterday in the Chihuahan desert. The tall one with the brown stalk is called the sotol plant. The plant with the yellow flowers is called the skeleton leaf goldeneye. And the last picture is of guinea fowl which entertained us in the rv park where we stayed. Apparently they have been residents of the park for quite a long time. I did some research and found out that they earn their keep by keeping the insect population(as lice, ants,and ticks)under control.

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