Sunday, November 22, 2009

Art and Poetry in the Desert Garden- November 22

I wanted to share with my readers a few more pictures of the garden. These pictures will feature one work of Alan Hauser,renowned 20th century Native American artist. The exhibit of some of his works are currently on display in the Desert Botanical Garden. The one shown here is titled "Abstract Crown Dancer". Earlier part of this year Dale Chihuly's glass works were featured in the garden. The garden must have purchased a couple,as we noticed two huge yellow glass cacti upon exiting the garden. Also in the garden we noticed in the cactus beds quotations from notable people as William Yates,and Luther Burbank(to mention just a couple out of the many we saw). They either caused me to reflect on the beauty of the garden,or to think of the challenges that are incumbent upon all of us to maintain desert life.

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