Tuesday, September 8, 2009

Woodstock Fair- September 8

We had so much fun at the Woodstock County Fair yesterday that I had to do a separate posting for it. It was the last day of the fair,and the benefit of coming at that time was that we were able to see the animals and farm products which won the blue ribbons. Most 0f you know John's sweet tooth. He was awe-struck by the state prize-winning apple pie! He just had to take a picture of it. In the small animal barn we were greeted with the lusty crow of a huge black and red rooster. He was absolutely beautiful! I wonder whether his owner would also take our cat. He and the rooster could enjoy the wee hours of the morning together. KC will not let me sleep past 6AM! In the cow barn there were several pregnant cows lying around. My,what swollen bellies,I can not even imagine the pain of delivering those calves! A couple of the cows did entertain the fair crowd with their deliveries over the week-end. We also saw a horse pulling contest. A pair of horses were required to pull concrete blocks down a hill slope. What a show of horse power! I at first felt sorry for them, but it soon became apparent that it was not that big of a deal for most of the teams! The fun of every fair is always the food. This was one fair where there were seafood items- as lobster rolls and crab salad sandwiches. Toward evening it was getting quite cool,and a bowl of clam chowder sure hit the spot! We were fortunate also to be there for the main show of the fair-ABBA the Music. They still have two members playing from the original group,and performed old musical hits as well as some new songs. Their sound is as fantastic as ever.

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