Sunday, September 6, 2009

Gillette Castle- September 6

Before I go into what we did today,I first want to explain the pictures posted here. They are from the 9/11 site. It was easy to figure out the area of ground zero-it looks like any area in the process of construction. Big cranes dot the fenced-off area.The first visitor center had an admission cost. We passed that up and followed the crowds through the World Finance Center. In the lobby of that building there is a memorial pool with a large crystal tear above it. Water is constantly dripping from above the pool creating ripples which interconnect. This is a memorial for the eleven American Express workers who lost their lives on 9/11,their names are engraved on the black granite edge of the pool. I have that picture posted here. Our final stop was the building which displays the plans for the major 9/11 memorial,due to be completed by 9/11/11. We got in late last night and it was tempting to skip church today. But we did make it to St.Mark Lutheran in Norwich Ct. As usual,it was the right place to be this morning! After the service an announcement was made that help was needed to pick produce in the church's garden(this garden was planted to supply the local food pantries). We assisted with that and in doing so I became acquainted with the pastor's wife,Terra Rowe. What a surprise to find out that she and her husband James are friends of our nephew Martin Lohrmann and his wife Carrie! In the afternoon we toured the William Gillette Castle. It is a stone castle build by Gillette at the turn of the century. He was the actor/producer who put life into the character Sherlock Holmes(totally with the approval of Sir Conan Doyle). Gillette was the one who came up with the idea of the particular hat and cape Holmes became noted for,as well as his pipe and magnifying glass. What a fascinating tour-his castle was quite unique!

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