Sunday, September 6, 2009

New York City-September 5

We had hoped to be located closer to New York city,but many of the campgrounds which we wanted in those areas were filled because of the holiday week-end. This was not our first trip to New York yet we wanted to see it again. And I needed my big city fix,so we headed into the city today by train. It was necessary to take two trains to make the journey,an Amtrak and a New York Metro train. Once we got there we were off and running(almost). One would think we would stop for a nice meal in one of the city's many fine restaurants,but instead we just grabbed food to go and kept moving.And there is plenty of quick kind of food located on most street corners. We ran into a couple of street festivals,one I believe was Brazilian. Note the picture of the smiling woman in a white dress. We walked past Time's square(picture of that corner is posted here). Then on we went to Rockefeller Center,the picture of that fountain is also posted here. We entered St.Patrick's cathedral and viewed its many inspiring features.It seemed a bit wrong to tour the church what with a wedding going on and many people praying or meditating. But that was what the rest of the crowd was doing. I would assume that New Yorkers are use to the multitudes around them. Walking the streets of New York was certainly entertaining. John made the comment that he didn't know which to focus his attention on- the crowds or the buildings! We also walked along the edge of Central Park,which we found entertaining with guys doing hat tricks and juggling balls. And there were also the usual buskers located everywhere. Our final stop in Manhattan was the financial district to view the 9/11/01 memorials. More on that later. Sorry if this posting is boring to any of you who have lived in New York city. For those of us from the Midwest it is something so totally different from the ordinary town life which we are accustomed to. It was a holiday week-end also,which added to the craziness of it all.

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