Sunday, September 13, 2009

Washington D.C.- Sept. 13

Yesterday,Saturday,John and I hiked in the Chesapeake and Ohio Canal National Historical Park. Our son Dan and his friend Amanda were with us. For some strange reason we decided to hike the "billy goat trail". The signs warned us it was a strenuous hike which involved climbing over rocks. The picture I have posted here should give a pretty clear idea of the hill climbing which we encountered on that trail. John and I are sure feeling sore today! This morning we went with Dan and Amanda to the rally supporting Obama's health care plan. Unfortunately no one else besides us were located at the designated time and place. John and I needed to get back to KC(as we had already been away for a couple of days). So after touring the Native American Indian Museum, we returned home. I was happy later to hear from Dan, who informed me that they had found the rally and were having a good time. Apparently the attendance for their rally was less than the one held yesterday. That group of people were not in support of the health care plan. It is hard for me to understand anyone not wanting to have a better health care system. As Dan explains it:"we have a moral obligation to see that everyone has adequate medical care". By the way,Dan and Amanda are holding a used book sale next Saturday to raise money for a group of doctors who provide free medical care. They have already received a good number of book donations,and offers of help to transport books and set-up the sale. With all the negative political attitudes which has been flying around this past week it is good to hear of people taking positive action for the common good.

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