Friday, September 18, 2009

Successful Car Search- September 18

Yes,we did find a car for Melissa. It is possible to find a clean cheap car. We did not think it was possible after our first four hours of visiting car dealerships yesterday morning. My,we saw some pretty messed up cars! Cars with dents and dings,glove compartments and doors hanging off their hinges;one car even had a blond wig in the glove compartment(we did check for a body in the trunk of that car). The chances of finding the perfect cheap car began to look like,as the expression goes,slim to none and Slim has left town. We finally connected up with the owner of a car which Melissa found on Craig's List. Looked at the car in the early evening,drove it to a parking lot so we could have some lighting to view it under. Long story short,we bought a clean '99 Ford Escort. It had been driven minimally by two ladies-and yes,we did check that story out on Car Fax. By the way,we do know it is drivable as we made it home with the car last evening! Only thing we are anxious to do yet is view it in the daylight. Seriously,we really have little doubts about this car and consider ourselves quite fortunate to have found it.

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