Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Agecroft Hall- September 22

Our motor home is requiring some minor repairs,so we are not leaving the Richmond area until tomorrow. That is no problem for us as Richmond is rich in history,and many famous folk have lived here. Today we saw Agecroft Hall. This home was destined for certain destruction in Lancashire England in 1926. It was a 15th century Tudor which,because of coal mining near its location, was starting to crumble at its foundations. Mr.and Mrs.Thomas Williams from Richmond bought about one-quarter of it for nineteen thousand dollars,then had it torn down,packed in boxes and shipped to America. It took about 250 thousand dollars to rebuilt it. Its heavy leaded glass windows,wooden doors,gables,and walls with beautiful wooden carvings on them are quite beautiful to behold. After 1969 the family had it remade as a fascinating lifestyle museum,complete with authentic furnishings from 16th and 17th century England. Outside of this house is located a fragrance and herb garden,sunken gardens,a crape myrtle walk,a knot garden(two open knots make up the designs-a style dating back 400 years)rose arbor,and a John Tradescant garden. The latter garden has many rare and unusual plant species. The crape myrtle is in bloom right now,so that part of the garden was especially beautiful.

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