Wednesday, September 9, 2009

Glouchester- New Jersey,September 10

For clarification,Glouchester is located close to Philadelphia. Our trip took us longer than expected today because of heavy traffic in the huge urban sprawl from New York City and well past Newark,New Jersey. We are thankful that we do not have to drive through that on a daily basis as some people do! I want to finish up here with a few more details from our trip to Willimanic Ct.on Tuesday. On our way home we stopped in Lebanon, see the home of Gov.Jonathan Trumbull. He was the only Colonial governor to support the American Revolution. How is that for a fun fact to use in a trivia contest? It is something I never knew-or perhaps I was sleeping during that history class. The War Office for the revolution is located near his house so I will post that picture instead of the house. Also in the lawn next to Trumbull's home I found a trick memorial stone-I felt foolish walking over to read it! This is an agricultural area so before heading home we stopped at a farm stand to purchase some local produce. This is a wonderful time of the year here for fruits and vegetables. Not only can we buy the usual summer vegetables as corn and tomatoes,but peaches,apples grapes and pears are also available.

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