Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Thoughts on our Life Style- September 16

Before I proceed with the above topic I would first like to explain the pictures posted here. They are of gardens around the Annapolis area;the lower one is located at the governor's mansion. Someone awhile back asked how we make this life style work. I am not sure what is being asked with that question,but I will try to answer it. First of all,if we had to work at making this way of life doable we would have already stopped. Yes,selling our home and getting rid of stuff was not all that easy emotionally. Yet we are at the point in our lives when we need to unload all that baggage! Also, neither of us wanted to rattle around in a large home anymore and we had some concern for our carbon footprint. This may be off the subject a bit,but I learned from an NPR show yesterday that the average American has abut 100 servants a day. They were speaking in terms of labor-saving devices;as dishwasher,vacuum cleaner,washer,dryer,and so forth. Amazingly enough,living a simpler way of life has been no problem for us. Once we bought the motor home and moved in,we found out that we were comfortable in our new digs. That is not to say,speaking for myself,that there are not times when I miss our home and friends. Most importantly,it is necessary for two people who choose this life style to get along with each other. John and I have no problem in that regard,we rather complement each other fairly well. After thirty-three years of married life we know what makes the other one happy,and pretty much have the same interests and values. We are not sure how long we will pursue this way of life;but for right we are happy with traveling,seeing and learning new things. God has been good,and we are thankful for our health which makes it all possible.

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