Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Durham,North Carolina- September 23

I know,we are supposed to be on our way to St.Louis,so what are we doing in North Carolina? Well,we decided to drop south a bit(we are heading west)to visit Ashville. More on that later-like in a couple of days. Our motor home spent some time today in a garage getting its muffler fixed. We can only blame bad roads for the muffler to shake off its moorings! Anyway,I noticed that the repair shop is located on "Sun Shade" road. As I was pondering how goofy that name seemed to be for a road,I noticed that the road needed a sun shade! It was a bright sunny day,and the road had only a few short scraggly pine trees located alongside of it; no shade was located on that portion of the road at all. Speaking of words,in touring the Agecroft house yesterday,I learned the origin of "chairman of the board". At the dining table(in the early English days of yore)only the master sat at the dining table-everyone else sat on benches. He was the "chair man". The table was usually just a board on saw horses-so he was the "chair man of the board". On that note I will close,but first I need to explain the pictures. Both of the pictures were taken in the garden at Agecroft-by the way,in old English,Agecroft means house at the edge of the woods.

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