Tuesday, June 2, 2009

Frankenmuth- June 2

Yes, we are still here in Frankenmuth. And we have decided to extend our visit here. John is bent on seeing the Bavarian parade and festival which will take place June 14. This campground has a heated indoor pool and Frankenmuth, being the number one attraction for Michigan (Mackinaw Island comes in second), has plenty of sights to be seen within walking distance of our home. My family and I came here often when I was growing up, and for a short while we lived in Detroit- but we did not do the the tourist thing much in Michigan because we had many relatives to see. Speaking of family, another good reason to stay is that my brother Wayne and his wife Mary Jo are next door to us, and it has been fun hanging out with them. Another bonus is that they have lived in Michigan and are excellent tour guides. So hopefully you will not find this blog site too boring in the next two weeks. Tomorrow Wayne is going to share with us his favorite hiking trail at Rifle River State Park. We are even going to be shown the exact spot where Wayne wants his ashes to be placed someday (not a pleasant thought,but a practical one). More on that tomorrow.

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