Sunday, June 21, 2009

Buffalo New York, June 21

Once again we felt we were Spirit-led in our selection of a church to attend today. The church is St.John Lutheran of Amherst New York. We had planned to tour Buffalo today so we chose this church because it was located conveniently on our route into the city. During the service a couple renewed their wedding vows(they had been married 25 years on June 2nd). I was struck by what Pastor James said to the couple:" our grace to each other makes life bearable". How true that statement is; not only in our marital relations, but in every relationship we encounter in our lifetime. Such a loving,forgiving connection with others mirrors our union with Christ. A duet sang the "Wedding Song"(a song John and I also had sung at our wedding). Also,at the end of the service, the choir sang "Benediction"(a choral number which my Dad had his church choirs sing many time over the years). I had not heard that sung in a long time. After the service many of the church members greeted us, and a lady commented:(after we told her where we were from)"St.Louis Mo.,why that is the best kept secret in all the world- I visit there once a year". John and I could not agree with her more. After church we toured Buffalo Marine Gardens. I have posted here some of the pictures of that harbor area. Two are of the Carvings for a Cause. These are life-size carvings of symbols of Buffalo and notable Buffalonians. In the row of carvings John is looking at is the buffalo(the sign explains its presence in the row),and a statue of Tin Russert(moderator of Meet the Press who died last year and attended college in Buffalo). The other picture is of the Buffalo and Erie County Naval and Military park which we also toured in the Buffalo harbor.

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