Saturday, June 27, 2009

High Falls Gorge- June 26

After being at the summit of Mt.Whiteface in the morning, we took a gondola ride over its grassy ski slopes in the afternoon. Following that we drove over to High Falls Gorge. This was the most awesome 30 minute hike I have taken in a long time. Here the AuSable River rushes 300 feet down granite cliffs to create a spectacular series of waterfalls. The path to the falls was equally enjoyable for here we saw an example of the pristine Adirondacks just as the original settlers did. Signs along the path pointed out trees and bushes as the Eastern Hemlock, Spruce, Northern White Cedar and Canadian Yew, to name a few. There was also very lush green vegetation; I was especially fascinated by the polypody fern and the liverwort plants (its leaves are shaped like small livers) which grew on the rocks. Speaking of rocks; I have a picture here of an anorthosite boulder, a type of granite rock formed 1.5 billion years ago, with old tree trunks lying on it. We ended up planning our day quite well, for just after seeing this area a thunderstorm blew in.

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