Thursday, June 18, 2009

Hartland New York- June 18

We stayed over in Frankenmuth because of a deluge that hit the day we wanted to leave. It turned out to be a pleasant day,however,once the rain stopped. Our nephew Andrew and his sons came down and we went to the movies. More rains were coming in this week-end so we felt the urgency to get out of that area today before we would need a ferry to transport us. Probably because I do not know my geography all that well, it seemed amazing to me today that we could in about six hours travel from Michigan to New York. We drove from Port Huron into Ontario Canada, after first crossing the Detroit River.Then we continued through Canada taking a bridge over a corner of Lake Ontario. From there we crossed the Welland River into the Niagara Falls area. The countryside of Canada was lush and green with hills and forests. Quite a pleasant change from America and its billboards and signs for gas,fast food and tourist attractions. There were some road signs directing travelers to berry farms and apple orchards. And I must not forget the signs pointing to numerous g0lf courses and,in the St.Catherine Ontario area, many wineries. Also, around Niagara Falls and no surprise here, power plants were present. We got pulled over for inspection at customs when we reentered the United States. The inspectors were concerned about our food, so they inspected our refrigerator. They also wanted to make sure we were not carrying firewood in because of the Emerald Ash Bore, which apparently is destroying trees in Michigan. As a rule of thumb, firewood should not be transported more than fifty miles. So we may have been inconvenienced a bit but we learned something in the process. We are now sitting in a campground that has about as many puddles as the campground we just left. And the frogs are very noisy with their courting activities! A great blue heron greeted us as we drove in here, and several killdeer fussed at us for entering their territory. It is more of a wooded and secluded campground than we have been in for quite awhile.

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