Sunday, June 7, 2009

Trinity Sunday- June 7

Quite appropriate to the theme of this day, I just finished reading The Shack by Wm.Paul Young. With my rather liberal religious leaning I liked what the author does with the three persons of the Trinity-- developing them into some very interesting and endearing persons. We attended services today at St.Lorenz again. This time it was the contemporary service. Their band included guitar and drums, also sax,trumpet and clarinet. There were three lead singers- music was done quite well, all fairly new to us. And since this blog has been silent since about Thur. it is time that I bring our readers up to speed with what we have been doing. We made an overnight trip to Traverse City and to Sleeping Bear Dunes National Lakeshore. Before I go into any details, I would first like to say that in this area, which encompasses the pinkie finger of Michigan, we saw the most awesome scenery. There were rolling hills with cherry and apple orchards, vineyards and lots of pine-filled forests covered with fern. Deers bounded along the roadside, and sometimes unfortunately into the road. Our first stop on Friday was the Wright bakery in Reed City, one of the best bakeries we have ever stepped into. They are famous for their fried cinnamon rolls, yum! From there we drove through Traverse City, with its gorgeous Grand Traverse Bay shoreline. North of Traverse City we stopped at the Music House Museum. It is located in an old restored cherry farm barn from the 1890s. It has great acoustics for the music played by our guide on the automated musical instruments. These instruments were made in the time period of the turn of the twentieth century. We saw a dance organ made in Antwerp, Belgium, a mighty Wurlitzer organ, assortment of music boxes, player pianos (forerunners of the juke box)and a reproducing piano- to name a few of the many we saw. By the way, for you Greek scholars, nickelodeon literally means a nickel's entertainment. We completed our musical day with a stop at the home of Buck and Lois Lumbert. Mary Jo,our sister-in-law, wanted to buy an auto harp from him. He has made over 100 of them since the 1980s. He and his wife Lois were very gracious in letting us tour his workshop and with my husband John wanting to know every detail in the production process. We spent a longer time there than we had expected. I must admit that we all had a good time and Mary Jo had a chance to consult with Buck on what kind of wood she wanted for her harp. More on the trip in tomorrow's blog. I will include on this blog pictures from the Music Museum.

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