Monday, June 15, 2009

Frankenmuth- June 15

Yesterday's blog,for some reason did not get posted,so there will be two for today. I still have some pictures from the Bavarian Festival Parade to share with you all,so will finish that up in this blog. Frankenmuth is largely a farming community,and sugar beets is one crop grown around here. Pioneer Sugar Company,located in this area, had at least a couple floats in the parade. This community also has many hog and cattle farms. There are several good meat markets in town and bratwurst is one of the more popular sausages made. A bratwurst sandwich is best accompanied with a cold glass of beer. This town has one brewery that is making a come-back, but Michigan also imports a lot of beer. A favorite beer for the Bavarian Festival was from the Hofbrau Haus of Germany. Hopefully the aforementioned will explain the pictures I have posted today. John and I will be leaving here in a couple of days, so we wanted to do one more tour of Frankenmuth today. Our bikes worked well for that purpose and we covered the tourist shops on Main St. as well as many of the beautiful residential streets. We took some time to also explore the church grove of St.Lorentz church. It has a campground as well as picnic areas there. During the summer months church services are held in this park on Monday evenings. There is also a prayer path through a wooded area. Along that trail are places to meditate and pray. I found it a very peaceful and tranquil walk. We finished our tour of Frankenmuth by crossing the wooden covered bridge that spans the Cass River.

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